Who is PickUpLines.net for? About us…

clintPickUpLines.net is different from all the other sites you might find when searching for ways to talk to women.

The difference is that it’s written and run by dating coach Big Clint, one of the world’s top dating coaches, his passion is teaching guys how to be successful with women.

These pick up lines do work

So the lines you find on this site will either be funny, or they’ll work.  If Clint says they work, it’s not because he thinks they will, it’s because they are the same lines that have been used by great numbers of his clients or people who have read his articles online.

One liners are not the be all and end all

Pick up lines are just ice breakers and a way to get the attention you want from women, after you have their attention it’s important to back it up with other factors that will make her want to be with you, so only use these lines as a way in.