Biology Pick up Lines for The Inner Nerd

sexy teacher in classroomSome of the most charming and remarkable people in the world will eventually become doctors, nurses and other professionals in the field of medicine.

All of them have one thing in common – they all have the passion and foundation of human biology. You have a passionate foundation for biology, as did your parents otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. You’d be swimming inside your father’s wrinkled, extended, love pouch.

Here are some biology pick up lines to ensure that your sexuality comes across as effortlessly as a scientist’s enthusiasm for biological classification.

1. I will fondle your vesicles while you caress my golgi body.

Just so there’s no confusion here – this line will never work. If you just walk up to a woman and say it to her. Maybe after talking talking with her while you build up the necessary comfort you’ve gone into , or after talking about interesting things – but this is still one of the most hilarious pick-up lines in the history of existence. As a brush-up, the golgi body processes and packages protein. Much like the male organ. Heyo. Cue the rimshot.

2. You’re like telophase, I admire your cleavage.

Don’t lie – you all laughed when you realized a certain stage of cell division was named cleavage. You laughed long and hard in freshman biology and then never again remembered it. Well, guess what? If you stumble across a nerdy girl packing massive sweater adornments – you can bust this gem out and expect to be slapped or laughed at. In a good way.

3. Whenever I am near you, I undergo anaerobic respiration because you take my breath away.

Anaerobic is the way you describe a stasis where your cells aren’t getting enough oxygen. Some activities can be anaerobic, like boxing or exercises that are high-intensity. You’re one of the most high-intensity exercise you engage in?

The horizontal mattress tango. And if you’re able to make girls laugh by busting out solid pickup lines like these – you’ll have much better odds of playing that horizontal mattress tango.

In reality, biology is the reason why we have pick-up lines. So if you use them the right way, you can go forth and procreate.