Easter Pick up Lines – Run Rabbit Run!

Today I’ll be talking about easter pick up lines, so get ready to grab those little bunnies fellas.

Now, I’ll confess. I’d never thought of Easter as a particular time to be picking up women, but then again, any times is a good time. When one thinks of xmas one can bring to mind all of the festivity and bon homie. However, easter is not much of a party time. Nevertheless, it does give  you the opportunity to use more situational lines.

Some Easter pick up lines:

  • Hey. You know the phrase ‘screwing like rabbits’? I think you and I can do better, want to try.
  • Hey, do you want to go on an easter egg hunt? I’m sure you’ll find something surprising in my pants.
  • How about I get you an easter egg tomorrow morning. Do you want it chocolate or fertilised.

Okay, so I’ll admit I was scraping the barrel with the last one.

There isn’t really much go onto particular at easter apart from the odd themed party. What I say you should do in terms of pick up lines is the good sort of stuff you’d normally do – be friendly, be alpha, convey high value and sexually escalate when you get green or yellow lights. You can use pick up lines at any time.

You don’t even need easter specific ones.