Harry Potter Pick up Lines – Put Your Magic Wand Away!

Ready for some Harry Potter pick up lines that will grab her attention?

Harry Potter was one of the world’s most popular books, and over the last few years has been responsible in over $7 billion worth of revenue from movies and merchandise — the whole 9 yards. So it makes sense that there are group of women out there who love Harry Potter who really, really need a man.

Not to the same extent as people who enjoy twilight but still – they really, really need a man so what better way to get someone to pick them up using awesome pick-up lines from Harry Potter? Can you think of a better way? I sure can’t. Here are some that’ll get you through interaction and probably into your own Hermione’s heart.

I want to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.

You might’ve remembered in the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the basilisk lizard is what turned everybody into stone when he looked at them. So when the lizard looks at you, you get rock hard, am I right? Huh? Considering that was a boarding school, all of these may be wholly inappropriate. But let’s roll with them.

I’m a goblin. Let me stroke your vault.

Goblins in Harry Potter were the caretakers of magic vaults where artifacts were stored, wands, and later they were used to servants for the Death Eaters and Voldermort’s army. Chances are if you’re using these lines and you’re deathly serious about them you probably are just as asinine as a goblin. So it makes sense that you’d want to run around using lines that are hilarious. And call a woman’s privates her ‘vault’.

Are you good at Quidditch? Want to ride my broomstick?

Quidditch was a once fictional, now real sport popularized by the Harry Potter series. In it, a bunch of nubile wizards rode around on broomsticks chasing after a golden snitch, or points traditionally scored through goals. Sounds sexual, doesn’t it? It does. Make it even more, with cheesy pick-up lines.

Overall, everybody loves Harry Potter. Even nerdy girls. And nerdy girls are out there, trying to meet nerdy boys. So it works.