Pick Up Lines – REAL Chat Up Lines That Actually Work

girl outside in sports braPick up Lines for Guys that Actually Work…

You’re about to discover some of the most powerful pick up lines ever created, that have been used time and time again to create intrigue, attraction and a connection with women.

So what do you do when you want to talk to a girl you’re attracted to, but don’t know what to say?

Simple. You use a pick up line (also known as a chat up line) to open her up to a conversion, if she responds positively… then you’re in!

We have an awesome collection of proven pick up lines that can be used in any type of situation to help break the ice with a girl, no matter how hot she may seem.

How to use pick up lines

Most guys don’t understand how to use pick up lines to their advantage, we’re not talking about corny pick up lines or bad pick up lines that will make a woman’s eyes roll of get you a slap in the face, (some of them are pretty funny though!)

Instead the idea is to take a natural approach when utilizing these lines, so that you can get the best possible response – like getting her to want to give you her phone number.

Using these smooth lines along with displaying other attractive masculine characteristics like ambition and confidence will definitely assist  you out there on the singles scene.

To use lines properly you need to focus on the following:

  1. How you say them
  2. Where you say them
  3. What you follow up with

Once you nail these steps, you’ll be well on your way to attracting a stunner.

What are the best pick up lines?

We’ve collated the best pick up lines after testing them ourselves in the real world on every type of woman you can imagine. The most impressive thing about these lines is they can be used almost anywhere… from a party or club to a park or train.

Pick up lines are great, but what do you say afterwards?

Before I let you in on a few secrets about what you should say directly after saying a line, I first want to introduce myself.

My name is Clint and I’m the guy behind this site.

I’ve been excited about beautiful women, dating and relationships since I was about 13 years old – so I’ve racked up a lot of experience testing this stuff out in the real world.

I haven’t published any books yet or been on any TV shows or anything like that because I like to keep a low profile and keep my private life private.

That being said I have coached quite a few guys and I really enjoy helping guys to find beautiful girlfriends who treat them right. And although I spend a bit of time teaching the opening lines, there really is a lot more to it, and that’s only 5% if I’m brutally honest.

The pick up line you use is really not the most important thing.

Other things that really make a difference include: your fashion, body language, your inner beliefs, your conversation skills, eye contact, gestures, how you touch her, and your seduction skills.

I don’t think any guy ever got laid just by having a killer pick up line!

If you’d like to study seduction and learn how to attract women like a pro, aside from the odd chat up line, I recommend you check out this offer.

If you want to start off with the pick up lines and see how you get on, come back to this site and use whichever lines are your favorites, also make sure you share them with your friends, I mean who hasn’t got a buddy that needs a helping hand with the ladies right?!