Stealth Attraction Review – Is It Worth It?

Below is an in-depth stealth attraction review which was independently carried out recently.

So, there’s been quite a lot of buzz about this product on dating sites and web forums. As an aspirant PUA with a continuing passion for developing my game, I thought I’d check it out.

Overall: Very impressed.

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Why I’m impressed

It’s hard to neatly explain what the product is, and how it fits in with the rest of the things that other PUAs are saying. That’s what I thought was so cool about it: as I watched the content I had dozens of moments when I thought ‘that’s genius – why did I not think of that before?’ It really feels different in comparison to all the types of game I’m familiar with (and I’d think that I’m familiar with most by now). But let’s back up a step.

I’ve said it feels different, but I haven’t really said what it is. This is difficult. Stealth Attraction is the kind of indirect game you can imagine millionaire playboys using on super-hot girls in classy venues all over the Western World.

But even that doesn’t quite explain it. Regular indirect game is where regular guys go up to regular girls in regular bars and talk to them without conveying interest. You do weird things like ask ‘do you think that kangaroos would be good pets?’ or ‘who lies more?’ In contrast, Stealth Attraction is clearly designed for really high-end game instead of just picking up 8s in local bars. Stealth Attraction is much more artful. You toy with the girl.

Spiking her interest

You make her think you’re interested and then you duck out again. You play with her. This is why Gambler claims that this is rejection proof: at no point do you have to put your cards on the table and make the proverbial move. Instead you weave backwards and forwards and make her really interested in you without, until you sleep with her, ever giving her enough validation for her to get bored with you.

Everything I’ve said in this stealth attraction review has just been painting the broader picture. But in the DVDs Gambler gives you dozens of practical moves and maneuvers which he demonstrates on some HB in front of the lecture audience.

Filling in the gaps of seduction

Not only does he give you the theory behind how Stealth Attraction works, he also fills in the gaps so that you can see for yourself what to do in those situations. And obviously the girl has been paid to be there but it’s clear that the reactions she’s giving are real. One thing I really liked was that there were lots of little lines you could fit straight into your game whilst you were building up your Stealth Attraction persona.

Stealth Attraction doesn’t just give you sneaky ways to initiate an interaction, go for the kiss, escalate emotionally and physically, and keep the girl on her toes all the way until you get her back to your bed. It does give you highly sophisticated nuts and bolts of the male-female interaction, but what’s makes this product stand out is that it recognizes that that’s not the only thing that matters and provides solutions for those other things.

Physical attraction

There are sections on everything you need to get sorted externally before you get to the club (stealth attraction focuses almost exclusively on club game): style, clothes, body language and also the internal mental state you need to have as well. Hopefully, by the time you’d watched that, you’ll be able to fix those aspects of yourself that have been letting you down.

Real social proof

There’s also a substantial section on how the social world of high-end people and high-end venues operates. My exposure to this world had always left me with the feeling that everyone else was working according to a code that I didn’t know. Now, having watched Stealth Attraction, I realize that they was a code and I’m extremely grateful to Gambler for teaching me what it is.

I’ll give you an example…

In the world of higher-society, people tend to be extremely socially adept and know each other. So a girl will resist you trying to k-close her quickly, or in public, because it lowers her value and harms her reputation. Discretion is therefore crucial. If you can communicate to the girl that she can sleep with you without anyone having to find out, she’s much more likely to do so.

In conclusion, my Stealth Attraction review is that it’s an excellent and innovation product which is invaluable for those wishing to develop higher-end game.

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