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Pick up Lines for Guys that get you Unimaginable Results

If you’re a guy looking for pick up lines to attract girls, then rock on because you’ve just found the ultimate guide my man…

Switch up your style

Firstly you’ve got to work out your style. As they might say in the advertising world ‘what’s your brand’. I can’t imagine James Bond bouncing into a set and asking ‘so, who lies more: girls or guys?’. It just doesn’t work. If you’re going to pick up girls, you’ve got to do it the way the most social version of yourself would.

The biggest split is between direct and indirect. Direct pick up lines are those when you convey interest in the girl.

Direct pick up lines for guys:

  • Hey, you’re really hot. What’s your name?
  • Hi, I saw you from across the street and just had to come and meet you. You’re gorgeous. Hi. I’m X
  • Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?
  • I have this policy where I always come and meet the most attractive girl in the room. Hi, I’m X
  • Hey. What are you doing later? What to come back to mine?

Now those were just some direct, sexual-intent displaying lines that came off the top of my head.

They were all different ways of saying the same sort of thing ‘I’m interested in you’. One thing to think about when delivering them is that pauses are crucial. This allows the other person to really lock into you and realise that you are addressing them.

Indirect pick up lines for guys:

  • Hey. Who do you think lies more, girls or guys?
  • Who do you think are the biggest whores is this town. The men or the women?
  • hey. I need your advice. I had this great idea for a pet – kangaroo. Pam. What do you think?
  • Hey. I love your shoes. I think my mum has the same pair at home.
  • Hi. So what’s the deal with this queue. Is it always so damn busy here.

Again, just off the top of my head. What all these share are that you’re not making the girl aware of the fact that you’re hitting on her. She might just think ‘oh, sure, I don’t know. Maybe kangaroos are good pets’ rather than ‘this guy wants to sex me’.

This means you stand a better chance of not having her reject you straight away. You then transition onto another topic of conversation and let the conversation flow.

So there you have it, simple but awesome pick up lines for guys that will get you very good results.

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